"“Timothy Leary would have been impressed…” about the show SONGS IN 3D and P*I*A a "goldenthroat"- U. Eichler, Schweinfurter Tagblatt"

Uwe Eichler - Schweinfurter Tagblatt

" Artistique, a down to earth sensibility, romantic, sensitive, passionate...and an alluring Innocence..." -Ray Newton: Producer, drummer, songwriter, vocal expressionist, NYC.

QUOTE about the artist P*I*A

"I consider Pia Zierhut to be an outstanding artist leading her generation in the field of experimental contemporary art and cross-over performance. "

Ottmar Hoerl, Director - Academy of Visual Arts, Nuernberg

"I was in need of a vocalist for a recording project and her voice and creative contribution was outstanding. We have collaborated on this and other projects..."

Constant, Recording artist's album released by Island Records - Quote

"We chose Pia Zierhut to be the first ever artist of non hungarian nationality to participate in our big travelling exhibition from 2004 to 2010. The works were shown in Siklos, Budapest, Belgrade, Moscow, Prague and Vienna will be shown in all of Europe..."

Interview Siklósi Szalon - Siklos Global Travellor, Siklósi Szalon

"She was the only student in her class to experiment with many different types of media, such as sculpture, performance, installations, engineering, songwriting and singing."

Professor H.-P. Reuter, Academy Nuernberg, DE - Quote

"Pia is a rarely encountered talent who combines very complex and extremely work-intensive art works with brilliant multimedia performances. She designs this artistic stage and her own costumes, creates and records musical accompaniment, and improvises live sounds during her performances...

Patrick Loschert, Gallery T40, Germany - Pressrelease for Solo Exhibition

"I was very impressed by the intensity of her work and the unique combination of conceptual insight and personal transportation through different mediums. Pia combined digital video, a three-dimensional collage, and music to present a very personal, yet universal, experience."

Ottmar Hoerl, visual artist, musician, cellist - Quote

"Spirituality is such a prototype that finds many bored exemples, but in Pia and her work it is revived. Not the technique, perfection in recording and mastering or knowing your instrument alone make a moving piece of music, but the ear, the spirit and the sound of an authentic individual."

Scott DuPres, VCU chair of dpt. of photography, film and sound - Official Recommendation Letter

"For 2008 our guest professors will include Pia Zierhut, an important figure in the cross-over of music and visual arts and an exceptional singer. She is a multimedial artist who experiments with different medias producing new and interesting imagery and sound as a unison."

Peter Naeder, Director of the department for Pop music - Publication for the Creativity Sessions, Music Academy Hammelburg DE

"The woman as the muse, prostitute, entertaining artist and beautiful addition to life rotates around herself in a “Dolby Surround musical and life-art activist”. "

Gallery Adler, NYC/Frankfurt - QUOTE

"Grammy Award-winning producer Ted Perlman, LA: "I like L'Amour... The ghost of Piaf lives!!" "

Grammy Award-winning producer Ted Perlman - QUOTE

"David Carol Director of Photography CBS Outdoor: "I really like the video and the middle eastern soundtrack. She has a beautiful voice. I listened to the songs in my car over and over again" "

DAVID CAROL CBS Outdoor, Director of Photography - QUOTE

"The festival included ... Russia, France, Germany, Italy, Africa, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, Brazil and Korea. There were musical performances by local rap artists, German jazz artist Pia Zierhut... African jazz, Peruvian jam and American Fusion and Funk..."

Sheena Jeffers - the commonwealthtimes

"Cannes à la Flip Competition Finalist" Adam and Eve are eating from the forbitten fruit in Cannes 2008. They go from paradise to hell... “ A project by Arman Tadevosyan and Pia Zierhut. Cannes 2008


"Pia Zierhut's video-films showcase her technical prowess... excellent cinematography, vivid colors and intricate cuts that together support an original soundtrack... She writes, directs and performs, in addition to the work of camera, sound, digital editing and remixing." - DigiChannel

"Musik für die Sinne" Pia Zierhut... Mit ihrer maechtigen Stimme reisst die Kunststudentin mit, die auch deswegen "passt", weil sie in der Ferne studiert... Im Schlachthof beim dortigen Kulturforum erntete die Formation maechtig Beifall, das Konzert in Leipzig... "Wahnsinn"

Heinz Helferich - MAINPOST | Schweinfurter Tagblatt, Germany