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Multimedia Artist










P  I  A  Z  I  E  R  H  U  T

P*I*A aka Pia Zierhut

singer/songwriter & multimedia artist

P*I*A is pronounced PIA and P*I*A is produced by Pia Zierhut the artist. Her conceptual multimedia art-performances built a unique base for her work as a singer/songwriter. PIA Zierhut, the multimedia artist, is as intense in her sound art and self-taught songwriting, as she is in her sensitive and carefully composed artworks. Her career as an artist and as an autodidact singer/songwriter took her to almost every nation in Europe and the United States.

Selected exhibits in Europe and the USA include:

Siklósi Szalon, HU (2004-2010 as international guest to the itinerant exhibition of contemporary Hungarian art in Siklós, Eger, Budapest, Vienna, Moscow, Helsinki, Prague, Brussels, Bucharest, Warsaw, Bratislava, London, Paris, Rome, Berlin and Pécs; Solo show "Money makes the world go round", Galerie T40, Düsseldorf, DE (2004) and Casino of the City Bank of Düsseldorf (2005); Solo show Galerie Erhard Witzel, Wiesbaden, DE (2005-2006); The National Artsclub, New York, USA 2008; openstudio (2003-present); Teaching faculty/instructor, Cross-over und Multimedia Art: Creativity Sessions, Music Academy Hammelburg, Hammelburg, DE (2008).

Official Finalist at the international Film Festival in Cannes, France,“A La Flip” Competition 2008

Digifest Florence, Pia Zierhut’s short is selected among the “Best 20 Videos”, 2008

TIAF Toronto Artfair: Opening Night Performance “Liza Pinelli Dolby Surround”,2006

Exhibiting Artist at:

ART COLOGNE, Cologne, DE (2003, 2004);

Art Basel Miami, Florida, USA (2003);

Kunstköln, Cologne, DE (2004);

ViennAfair, Vienna, AU (2005);

Art Frankfurt, Frankfurt a. M., 2005


The National Artsclub NYC (2009/2010)

Self-Exhibit, Scope International Contemporary Art Fair, New York, NY (2007),

Armory Show, New York, NY (2007);

2003 “Special Women in the Arts” Award by the Academy of Visual Arts Nuremberg, Germany

2003-2006 Gallery Erhard Witzel Wiesbaden & Gallery T40 Duesseldorf, Germany, solo-exhibits

About P*I*A:

Born in Bavaria. Timeline: 1996 – She studies at The Academy of Fine Arts in Nürnberg; 2001 – P*I*A aka Pia Zierhut lands shortly before September 11th in New York City. The people react strongly to her art and music, and to the young woman in the strange outfit – pants, veste, self-felted hat and her corduroy coat on which she prints important fotographs of her life as a collage. At this time she also premieres the debut of her unique blend of a singing artwork at the Art Basel in Miami, Florida. Internet, solo and group exhibits worldwide followed this major presentation. 2003 – Pia Zierhut moves to New York City where she now lives and there she studies with famous soprano Doris Popper as she further establishes her presence as a distinct multimedia artist and singer/songwriter. 2008 – She is a finalist in the Cannes Film Festival. 2009 – P*I*A enhances her unique sound with the newest addition to her band of producer, songwriter, vocal expressionist, and true multistylist drummer Ray Newton. Based out of New York City, Ray Newton has played on many major recordings and has performed throughout the world live on world tours and in stadiums, arenas, Radio City Music Hall and Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center, etc…

Not only does he have an unmistakeable sound but he also has a unique visual appearance on stage which encompasses – among many exciting visuals – his playing with sticks that light up to the rhythms he produces. Special live guests include top musicians from the New York scene and from the top music scenes around the world who have heard about this up and coming artist and have fallen in love with P*I*A’s songs. P*I*A has an enthusiastic and significant following of fans worldwide and in NYC where they have come to see her broadway gigs, her shows at clubs like “Smoke” and “Cleopatra’s Needle” to name a few, her shows at The National Arts Club in NYC, and more… – and some have even followed her on tour to Germany and throughout Europe. P*I*A has had good crowds at her New York gigs and has had 1000+ attend some of her concerts in Germany, etc.. P*I*A utilizes her voice, acoustic 12 string guitar, and piano/keyboards, etc. to write her unique songs, and occasionally – when the spirit moves her – she sings while playing her acoustic 12 string guitar on a few songs live on stage either solo or with the band offering even more intimate moments to her audiences. P*I*A expresses a big THANKS to all her fans past, present and future. Soon P*I*A will take off and take you with her globally.